Hello I am Kanchana Waduge from Batuwangala e-village.

I am Kanchana Waduge.I am from Batuwangala. I m 16 year old .I  studied at Olcott Collage Galle, For My OL examination.I now stady for my A/L  examination in G/ Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya. My favorites subject is Science. My favorite game is foot ball. I have three sisters and no brothers. My mother is Mrs. S.A Kusuma .She is a house wife .My father is Chandradas Waduge .He is   a blacksmith. My hobby is reading story books. My best friend is Lakeeshani .I like  fruits and sweet melon. My favorite   animal is Musk deer .I like roses too. I like to drinks water. My ambition is to be a nurse. I like to treat to patients. I will  look a after them very well. I will be very kind to the patients. I like to wear the white uniform and the cap.

Tropical rain forests

rainforestWhen there is rain and sunshine plants grow fome into dense forests are known as Tropical Rain forests these rain forests become homes for birds as there is food and shelter. There are very valuable hard – wood timbers in these forests. Organized timber thieves cut down these threes, turn them into timber and carry them away. In the process these unscrupulous men destroy the habitat of the birds and animals making them moov on to other past of the forester searching for food and shelter. Then these forests become over crowded. Food becomes scarce. As a result the animals begin to roam about in nearby villages looking for food . Animals and birds begin to feed on the paddy lands and other cultivations. This leads to the unending confrontation between man and animal leading to tragic ends. The famers encroach on these forests clear trees burn them and open up vast stretches of land for cultivation. Within a few years the land loses its fertility the land dries up as there are no trees the fertile layer of the land is wept away by the wind the farmer moves on to another part of the forest and continues his destruction. By the year 2000 nearly two thirds of the world’stropical rain forests were destroyed in this mannerkeyboard_culture_bamboo